Helping brands clarify who they are, illustrate what they stand for, and behave like the brand they want to see. 

Creative Branding and Design —

/krēˈādiv/ /ˈbrăndēng/  &  /dəˈzīn/

-telling a unique story using graphic elements styled to stand out, attract and engage while inspiring the masses.


Definition of Identity

A brand is much more than a logo. It's who you are. It's what you look like. It's how people feel about you. A distinct brand will defined its motivation through an engaging story and visual design. The right design will tell a story that causes a brand to be noticed and remembered.

A brand's story should depict a clear purpose told through visual design. The story will become its identity. That identity, when reinforced with valuable, organized, and thoughtfully arranged content, conveys a clear and consistent message to your audience.

Big Brand Behavior helps ambitious brands define their identity, convert it into distinct, memorable design, and fearlessly serve compelling content that illustrates their purpose. We can help you design your brand from the ground up, upgrade your current identity, or completely overhaul and deliver a new brand message .


Know Your Brand To Grow Your Brand.

A clear understanding of who you are and what you want goes a long way when planning to take your brand further. Taking the time to create a plan for your brands journey helps grow your brand faster. Big Brand Behavior helps you develop a visual look that brings your brand to life. Our approach involves getting to know your brand, understanding your brand's goals, then building and delivering the design you need to properly represent your purpose. 

Define The Strategy

Clarify who you are: What do you offer? How much it is worth?  Who is your target audience? Why is what you offer important/valuable?


Design The Identity

Create a visual illustration your identity by shaping a transparent narrative that is told through visual design


Hype The Brand

Use carefully planned, attention catching content to educate and motivate your target audience to engage with your brand.


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Let's discuss your ideas about your brand. We can start from scratch, remodel, or overhaul your brand with the right information.

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